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What’s up with sock blanks?

I wanted to continue our Facebook conversation about sock blanks! Here’s the first blank that I knit up from Gale’s Fiber Art. The half of the sock blank used for the completed sock was dyed slightly differently than the half … Continue reading

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I bought a hat today.

Today was a big costume day. Chris and I took our niece to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, all of us in full costume. Chris and I had worn these costumes two years ago when we took Isabella’s brother to the … Continue reading

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My Sock Recipe

In a recent┬ápost I talked about my sock recipe. You may be wondering what exactly that is. So I’m going to tell you. A sock recipe is your own style of sock pattern. It’s where you take bits and pieces … Continue reading

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Making Time To Make

I want to craft more. But I work. Pretty soon I’ll be working A Lot. And I know I’ll be a bit disgruntled about not having enough Me time. Or sweater-knitting time. Or learn-to-tapestry-weave time. Or ren-faire-costume-sewing time. Definitely not … Continue reading

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Give St. Distaff’ all the right: Then bid Christmas sport good night

Today, January 7th, is Distaff Day, or Roc Day. Historically, this day after Epiphany is when women return to their work after Christmas festivities. The twelve days have passed, and the holidays have wound down. The decorations were put away … Continue reading

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I always have a sock on the needles. It’s usually hanging about in my backpack or daily handbag, standing by in case of a board meeting or an unexpected long wait time at the car repair shop or when hand … Continue reading

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This is Halloween

Oh my gawd so Halloween! It’s my favorite! Chris and I had so much fun making our costumes this year that we’re digging the idea of making medieval versions for the ren faire next year, and we’re already tossing around … Continue reading

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Staycation by the Numbers

1 Bicycle basket liner sewn 7 Magically happy pillowcases constructed 1 Tutu resized to fit 1 New skirt from my own pattern completed 2 Upcoming sewing projects in the planning and fabric purchasing stages 729 Creative ideas formed 0 Cars … Continue reading

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A Little Something That I Forgot

Tonight I was cleaning up some posts that had dropped their photos, and taking a big look at this here blog overall, I noticed that in the ebb and flow of me going back and forth between blogging and not … Continue reading

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Tonight we had dinner at a new-to-us burrito joint then went to Rhea’s and I played My Little Pony with Kelsey and made her cry and now Rhea is putting the kids to bed and I’m knitting quietly in her … Continue reading

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