What’s up with sock blanks?

I wanted to continue our Facebook conversation about sock blanks!

Here’s the first blank that I knit up from Gale’s Fiber Art. The half of the sock blank used for the completed sock was dyed slightly differently than the half of the blank that’s intact in the photo. But you can see how the dark petals of the rose appears as specks on the pink portion of the foot of the sock, and the negative hearts are speckled on the white of the sock.

SSV by GalesArt

Here’s a great blog post on the ‘picture’ yarn that I mentioned in the video. I was able to find just one skein on Etsy, but it looks like the dyer lists new stuff regularly.

Gale’s Fiber Arts wares can be found at clicky.
She has some of the double knit sock blanks that I talked about in the video!

Lorena’s work is here and her sock blanks are here.

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  1. Denise says:

    I love everything about this. EVERYTHING. #flamingomagic (also #sleepmagic heh)

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