A Post For the Drop Spindle Class

Below is a link to the video I mentioned in class tonight. Even though I recorded it last year, I’m at least wearing the same shirt!

Here are notes on differences:
-Your leader yarn was already attached to your spindle when you received it. Here are instructions for putting one on!
-You can see that when I pull the roving into smaller sections in the video, I strip it down a lot more than we did in class tonight. You can always make your fiber sourse thinner if you aren’t comfortable spinning on such a big chunk of yarn. That’s why the folks who spent some time with the pencil roving tonight did better with the fatter fiber source afterwards.
-In the class I taught just before making this video, we pre-drafted *all* of our fiber. We didn’t learn about actually drafting fiber until the very end of the class! So instead of starting with a big hunk of fiber, we stripped the roving down into tiny little thin pieces of roving that didn’t need to be drafted at all. We just spun them up right away. You can do this too! But most of you seemed comfortable enough with drafting tonight that you shouldn’t need to.
Towards the end of the video I’ll talk about drafting, and that was all new to the last class. See, you’re ahead of the curve already!

Enjoy, and email me if you like, or bring questions to class!

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