Feel Better Tea

I am not sick. But Chris has a pretty horrible sore throat, and I took him to the doc in the box yesterday for a strep test (Negative.), so I had to sit in the waiting room with all of those other sick folk. But I was a bit off-kilter today. Physically, I felt like I was walking through mud. Mentally, I was as fuzzy as a peach. So even though I’m not sick, I stopped at the grocery on the way home from work to grab supplies for Feel Better Tea. If I’m not sick, Feel Better Tea will keep me from getting there as well as it helps me feel better quickly when I *am* sick.

If you’re sick, or just thinking about getting sick, head over to Retro Food and check out TW’s recipe for Feel Better Tea. I usually make it as instructed, except I don’t add any sugar. Ever. At all. I don’t know what that means, but I get plenty of sweetness from the juices. And this time I used half echinacea tea bags and half regular black tea bags. It’s not as tea-y, though, so I’ll keep the echinacea next time but add more regular bags. It’s easy enough to stick a fresh teabag in the mug when I go to heat up my next cuppa to make it stronger.

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